About Us

Welcome to Jade & Co Candles!! My name is Victoria Conner, I am the Owner/Founder of Jade & Co Candles. I am a wife and mother of two young boys. Like most mothers, when you become one, your focus primarily shifts toward your children and their needs. As my babies are growing up, I wanted to shift that focus a bit and do something that excites me, that I could nurture, watch grow into greatness, and share with the world and that's when I created Jade & Co. 
Jade & Co Candles is a homemade, hand-poured soy candle brand with handpicked scents that appeal to your nose. All of our candle scents are specially selected and made with love + care. 
Our mission is to promote self care and relaxation while providing our customers with a new and exciting candle brand that'll change your life, one scent at a time.
We look forward to you joining us on our journey!
So sit back, grab a bottle of wine, a candle or two, and relax!
In 2021, we started donating 10% of profits to a local nonprofit.